Foil inspection

Thin film and foil materials are the class of products that demand highest quality regarding number of parameters such as thickness, clearness, lack of defects. As key materials for other high level industry branches, foils have to pass 100% material control process under most meticulous inspection settings.

Main function of AVICON’s customized foil inspection systems is to assure perfect detectability of customer’s specific material defects or to confirm product’s specific features, depending on his product. Our realtime inspection pipeline assures reliable results for wide range of web widths and immediate reaction to any quality drops. Also reel reports and long term statistics are the standard option of every our system.

Typical defects:

  • inclusions, dirts, burrs, holes, color stains
  • presence and correctnes of imprints
  • seam continuity
  • seam wrinkles
  • skewed seams
  • width and transverse offset of web